A little goes a long way....

In Uganda a little goes a long way. With the exchange rate and the cost of living in Uganda, things cost a lot less than they do here. Our mission at Woven Hearts of Hope is to spread hope, empower women, and provide them with the resources to take care of their families. To that end, the money made from Woven Hearts of Hope goes directly to these women. And it goes far. Here is how a little from you can go a long way in Uganda.

  • $10 - 1 school term (3 months) for 1 child
  • $15 - Feed a family of 6 for a month
  • $20 - Average monthly wage
  • $40 - A full year of school for 1 child

Every donation goes directly to our artisans and every penny helps. Will you help us empower these women?

*You will be redirected to New Hope Uganda's Donation page. Please put Musana Community Church Craft Fund or Woven Hearts of Hope in the Comments box to ensure your donation gets to the artisans.

Weebale Nyo! (Thank you very much!)