Angela Blank & Ellen who is our main "Circle of Friends" Basket weaver.

Woven Hearts of Hope partners with talented women and single mothers living in Uganda, East Africa to provide beautiful handcrafted products at fair market prices while creating opportunity for these women to support themselves and their families.

We began in 2015 when Angela, a missionary in the area with Musana Camps, began working with a small group of women to design and weave natural baskets. Over time, the women have learned new skills, from weaving and dyeing, to creating unique jewelry, and have begun adding their own distinct artistry to each piece that is made. Most of the women who contribute to the shop are single mothers, living far from any large city or marketplace. They have few job opportunities and little chance of earning enough money to meet the daily needs of their family. Through Woven Hearts, these women are now able to sell to a global community, reaching interested buyers far beyond their limited resources. By purchasing this item you are empowering these women to provide for their families using their unique skills and the materials available to them.


Hope in Handmade



Each item is handmade and displays the beauty and creativity of each artisan. The baskets are made from natural sources, specifically Njuru grasses, palm leaves (Raffia), and banana leaves. Some also include the bright colors of recycled plastic bags. Jewelry and earrings are made from tightly wrapped colored paper beads, dried seeds, crushed eggshell,  native gourds, beads, and wire. They are always looking for new and unique ways to create their pieces, whether it be baskets, jewelry, or any of our various items. Learn more.

We hope you enjoy your items for many years!
Weebale Nyo! (Thank you very much)

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