Sarah Raber & Erin Raber

Sister Act

Sister (in-law) duo, Sarah Raber & Erin Raber, own and operate Woven Hearts of Hope from Pampa, Texas. Through Erin's sister, who works in Uganda, Sarah and Erin were introduced to Angela, a missionary who had been working for several years with Ugandan women making baskets to sell to local buyers. Sarah and Erin soon realized the potential market for these unique items worldwide and together, with Angela, formed Woven Hearts of Hope. With different skill sets and a growing love and passion for intercultural development, the two sisters complement each other well and enjoy working together to help empower and spread hope to these amazing and talented Ugandan women.

Even though Sarah & Erin own and operate Woven Hearts of Hope, they take no salary; everything they do is volunteer so that the proceeds from Woven Hearts of Hope can go directly to the women who make these beautiful items. In their "spare time", Erin is a relief pharmacist for several pharmacies in the area and Sarah is a stay at home mom of three boys. 

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