Black & Natural Wide Weave Ugandan Basket

Black & Natural Wide Weave Ugandan Basket


This handmade African basket is perfect for adding an international and homemade touch to your home decor. It is also very practical and can be used to store fruit, candy, or as a "catch all" basket. This basket is made of all natural materials and retains its natural colors accented by black raffia. The unique look of this basket is achieved by using wide cuts of the banana leaves in its weaving. It also includes a loop on the edge for use as wall decor.

Each basket is uniquely handcrafted by women who live near Musana Camps, Uganda, East Africa. Many of these women are single mothers, and since they live so far from any large cities or towns, there are few job opportunities and often they do not have enough money for the daily needs of their family. But we discovered that these women can weave baskets and other crafts using natural materials that are around them. The baskets are made using banana fiber, Njuru plant and some also contain Raffia (Palm leaf). By purchasing this item you are helping to support a Ugandan family and empowering these women to take care of their families through a skill many of them already have using the materials around them. We hope you enjoy your basket for many years!

Weebale Nyo! (Thank you very much)

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