Green Chunky 2-Strand Paper Bead Necklace

Green Chunky 2-Strand Paper Bead Necklace


This necklace is perfect for adding an international and unique touch to any outfit. This necklace is made using green colored paper, usually from old magazines or newspapers so each bead is unique. Each paper bead is painstakingly rolled, glued, and lacquered then strung together to form the necklace.  Small beads are used to accent the paper beads. 

Length: 14"

Each jewelry piece is uniquely handcrafted by women who live near Musana Camps, Uganda, East Africa. Many of these women are single mothers, and since they live so far from any large cities or towns, there are few job opportunities and often they do not have enough money for the daily needs of their family. But we discovered that these women can make jewelry and other crafts, using natural materials that are around them. The jewelry is made using colored paper from old magazines or newspapers, small beads, and seeds, among other things. By purchasing this item you are helping to support a Ugandan family and empowering these women to take care of their families through a skill many of them already have using the materials around them. We hope you enjoy your jewelry for many years!

Weebale Nyo! (Thank you very much)

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